Marvel Future Fight

Superhero games are often combined with RPG and you need to level them

up and enhance them during the game. Mostly your characters get improved by farming experience. Which can be mostly achieved by completing levels in single player or multiplayer if available.

There are a lot of different Superhero games available for iOS and Android. To make it a little easier for you we have decided to give you a short list of our favorites. Should one of the games wake your interest, feel free to download it right away and start playing as your favorite hero.

Marvel Future Fight

This is one of the best Marvel games that is available for free. As you can collect nearly every available Marvel character including Dr. Strange. He is the new Marvel character featured in one of the latest movies of the Marvel franchise. Now you can play him for the first time ever in one of the best ever Marvel games that has been released.

Included game modes are either single player or 3v3 multiplayer battles. This gives you enough variety to pass a few hours with playing.

DC Legends

DC Legends combines the superhero genre with RPG/MMO style. You can collect either villains or heroes, you are not limited to one of the factions. By completing levels your characters are gaining experience. After reaching a certain amount of experience your character is going to level up and gains additional strength. The strength will be needed for future fights as the difficulty can increase fast.

Nevertheless you can have countless hours of great gameplay with DC Legends. A lot of different missions can be completed with catching battles and video sequences. Which is a great roundup for a overall pretty well designed and programmed game. There is just one problem what nearly all DC Legends players have in common and this is the lack of resources.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

In this game you can play as all available Marvel heroes but in LEGO form. For a free game it offers you a lot of content to play. In total you can play through over 50 different levels and collect over 93 characters. No matter which character you decide to play with, all of them are powerful enough to beat the story line. Try to build up your charge to make a super attack.

Spider-Man Unlimited

This game differs a little from the previous ones here on the list. It is a combination of a runner game with a superhero game. Spider-Man Unlimited features over 100 different playable heroes and 40 boss fights that you need to complete.

It is a one of a kind runner game as it also includes action-packed fighting scenarios. The game plays in New York City which is known to be the home of Spider-Man aka Peter Parker. Your job is it to keep the city clean of criminals by fighting them and their bosses.