DC Legends

DC Legends is a very popular superhero game and it includes a big variety of playable DC heroes and villains. As most free games DC Legends has in-app purchases that they want you to buy. Which is one of the reasons behind the high prices for new heroes. You can collect them by opening packs by investing a certain amount of coins.

Many players think that the needed amount of resources per pack is too high and holds them back from making any faster progress. With the DC Legends Hack you are going to have it all in your hands as you can add infinite amounts of Essence and Coins to your account.

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DC Legends champions

How to win all fights

In DC Legends the strength of your team is the key to success. With each level you complete a even harder one will be unlocked. So your team also have to get stronger over time. There are several ways to achieve this.

You can either play some levels for a few times to farm experience and level up your heroes. Or you you can open packs that may unlock more powerful champions which is the faster way. DC Legends Hack ensures that you can afford as many packs as you need to pull the superhero you want. For now this is by far the easiest and most secure way to get unlimited coins and a team that can beat ever level easily.

Why is it so secure?

This has a few reasons. One of them is that the DC Legends online hack tool is very well programmed and does not produce any errors while it is connected to your account. Failures in this process state could easily get your account banned.

Another reason may be the security features which are activated by default when accessing the DC Legends hack tool. These should never be deactivated no matter what as there is no reason to do this.

DC Legends iOS

Most important feature

Nevertheless the most important feature is still the live security status detection. It will automatically check if the hack will be save to use at the time you access the tool. If it should not be save to use the hack will be locked and you won‘t be able to access it until an administrator released an update.

Since the release of the security detection the hack may be detected for about a day but in this time it already saved a lot of accounts. You can also feel much more secure as you know if you are able to use the DC Legends coin generator that it is completely risk free.

Pull the best champions

Sadly there are not tips or tricks to pull better Heroes more frequently. All you can do is just keep opening the packs and hope that you got luck and pull a better one. Without the access to unlimited essence and coins it will be very hard to build and it will take you months to finish.

DC Legends Android

More great news

DC Legends hack will be free as long as it exists. Developers lately stated that they will not include payments in their generator. Which means that it will stay free until it won’t be supported anymore. They see this as a fun project and do it to help out the people that are searching for new easy ways to get more resources.

Nevertheless do not think that they will not put much effort in this because they see it as a side project for the fun. They are still known for creating top online hacks which are always best of quality.