DC Legends

DC Legends is a very popular superhero game and it includes a big variety of playable DC heroes and villains. As most free games DC Legends has in-app purchases that they want you to buy. Which is one of the reasons behind the high prices for new heroes. You can collect them by opening packs by investing a certain amount of coins.

Many players think that the needed amount of resources per pack is too high and holds them back from making any faster progress. With the DC Legends Hack you are going to have it all in your hands as you can add infinite amounts of Essence and Coins to your account.

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DC Legends champions

How to win all fights

In DC Legends the strength of your team is the key to success. With each level you complete a even harder one will be unlocked. So your team also have to get stronger over time. There are several ways to achieve this.

You can either play some levels for a few times to farm experience and level up your heroes. Or you you can open packs that may unlock more powerful champions which is the faster way. DC Legends Hack ensures that you can afford as many packs as you need to pull the superhero you want. For now this is by far the easiest and most secure way to get unlimited coins and a team that can beat ever level easily.

Why is it so secure?

This has a few reasons. One of them is that the DC Legends online hack tool is very well programmed and does not produce any errors while it is connected to your account. Failures in this process state could easily get your account banned.

Another reason may be the security features which are activated by default when accessing the DC Legends hack tool. These should never be deactivated no matter what as there is no reason to do this.

DC Legends iOS

Most important feature

Nevertheless the most important feature is still the live security status detection. It will automatically check if the hack will be save to use at the time you access the tool. If it should not be save to use the hack will be locked and you won‘t be able to access it until an administrator released an update.

Since the release of the security detection the hack may be detected for about a day but in this time it already saved a lot of accounts. You can also feel much more secure as you know if you are able to use the DC Legends coin generator that it is completely risk free.

Pull the best champions

Sadly there are not tips or tricks to pull better Heroes more frequently. All you can do is just keep opening the packs and hope that you got luck and pull a better one. Without the access to unlimited essence and coins it will be very hard to build and it will take you months to finish.

DC Legends Android

More great news

DC Legends hack will be free as long as it exists. Developers lately stated that they will not include payments in their generator. Which means that it will stay free until it won’t be supported anymore. They see this as a fun project and do it to help out the people that are searching for new easy ways to get more resources.

Nevertheless do not think that they will not put much effort in this because they see it as a side project for the fun. They are still known for creating top online hacks which are always best of quality.

Walking Dead Road to Survival

As a player of Walking Dead Road to Survival you should know that resources are very valuable in this game. All tasks that you need to complete during the game will need you to pay resources in order to complete them. Your main goal will be to rebuild the city Woodbury which was the starting point of the zombie apocalypse.

Rebuilding this city will cost you a lot of resources but it is needed to be able keep ok making progress. The reason for this is that the difficulty is increasing with every level. This means that your survivors also need to gain some strength over time. Mostly they do this by levelling up and getting gear equipped to them. Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats can add the missing amount of coins, materials but also food and more. There is nothing that you can not purchase after making use of the online generator for the latest Walking Dead game.

How to get the extra resources

This became very easy with the release of their online generator. Press the link above which is redirecting you to the Walking Dead Road to Survival cheat tool. Once you reached the site let it build up completely. After the site has shown up you can watch their short tutorial video which will explain all the steps below with video material. If you need to see what you have to do watch the tutorial before making any mistakes.

  1. Enter your username/Email address.
  2. Choose how many Coins, Materials and Food you wish to generate.
  3. Select iOS or Android as platform.
  4. Select additional security features.
  5. Enjoy the benefits of the online generator and build up the city.

Walking Dead Road to Survival gameplay

Is it dangerous to generate resources?

If you decide to deactivate all the security features it may be a little risky to make use of the Walking Dead: Road to Survival online hack tool. As they are the most important features of them all. The generator wouldn’t be worth anything without them.

These few features ensure that you are not losing the resources or your whole account after using the hack. Be clever and never deactivate any of the features while setting up the generator.

Get the strongest survivors much faster

The only thing that holds most people back from having a team filled with 5-6 star survivors is their rareness. Combined with the high costs for the packs it is very difficult to afford them. Now that you have access to unlimited coins due to the Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats.

For the first time you will now be able to open as many packs as you want to. You do not have to stop opening them until you either have the item or character that you aimed for.


All in all using the Walking Dead: Road to Survival hack is a great decision for everyone who is not blessed with patience. You will become able to re-build Woodbury within a few days defeating masses of Zombies and their bosses. Until you captured back all the territory that has been taken over by the Zombies and make Woodbury your bastion against them.

So far there is no other option which gives you more benefits than this little online generator. We will definitely keep our eyes open and will update this post as soon we got news for you.

Until than you can feel free to use this Walking Dead: Road to Survival online hack.

Despicable Me Minion Rush

We have talked about Despicable Me Minion Rush earlier but lately we came up with a brilliant tool that will help you out if you are in need of bananas or coins. No matter how much you are going to need the Despicable Me Minion Rush cheats will be able to add them to your account.

Below you can find all the informations that you need before using the hack. A detailed explanation of all important features should give you the needed insight to become familiar with the tool.

General Informations

Despicable Me Minion Rush online cheats tool has not been made for profits, it has been made to give the players what they need. Most players aim for collecting more and more costumes but they can be very expensive as they want people to invest money.

Depending on how expensive the costume is you may need a few days to weeks to collect the needed amount of coins or bananas. With the use of the Despicable Me: Minion Rush hack you can let this become a problem of your past. The generator can add you a a big amount of resources per day.

Everything you have to do to get these resources is to access the free Minion Rush hack tool which is compatible to all available devices. No matter what device you are using right now feel free to also use it while setting up the hack. Most available Despicable Me Minion Rush hacks will bind you to a certain device which makes it hard to access for most people. This one is pretty different in all characteristics from the setup up to how you run the tool.

How to run the generator correctly

Hack tools became more and more simple over the years. The first of these tools were only available for PC and you only could hack offline games. Nowadays you can just go to a website configure it to fit your needs and connect it to your account. You can do this in under a minute if you get used to configuring the generator which is blazing fast.

After the connection has been established, a new window will show up which lets you choose how many Coins and Bananas you want. Once you decided for an amount you can hit the button next to the window and than you will see a progress bar which tells you what the generator is doing at the moment. During the time that the hack will need to create the resources you can lean back as it won’t take too long.

Despicable Me Minion Rush gameplay

What to do if I don’t see the resources?

How often did we hear people complain about the Despicable Me Minion Rush cheats that it would not work at all. All these people did a simple mistake before judging the generator they did not restart the game so the resources just couldn’t be there. After a restart they will be there to 99%. If not you will have to re-do the process which should work faster now as you know what you have to do. After the second time you can be sure that the resources will arrive on your account.

You can find the Despicable Me: Minion Rush Cheats here.