I am Devin Gregory a 22 year old guy that likes to play all kind of games. I am playing games on all kind of devices since my childhood. Back than I was playing on the PS1. Since this time I have never missed a single device and always played the best top sellers at this time. Later on I made my first easy games by myself and learned programming on this way.

Now I want to share all the tips and tricks maybe even cheats and hack tools if they are available. As my aim is it to always make the easiest way through the game. All the people of you who also try this can follow the guides that I will share on here over time, it will be worth it. You may discover things of your favourite games that you have never seen before. Especially hacks and cheats can change a game completely.

Cheats and Hacks also interested me very much since they were released for the first time. They coud turn a shitty game into your favourite one just with a few button clicks. No gaming trick could be ever as powerful as a working cheats tool so I started creating my own ones but they never worked completely. So I swapped positions and became a hack tester in my free time and check for available bugs and errors.

You can be sure that hack and cheat tools that you will find here are completely safe to use. As my aim is it to make things better and more enjoyable for you. If I shouldn’t be sure about the tool you are not going to find it on here. This was it from my site so far I hope you like what I do and have a good time on my website.