minion rush

Minion Rush is an Endless Runner arcade game like Temple Run. The goal is to collect as many Bananas as possible and impress your boss Gru with it. Despicable Me Minion Rush includes several different locations that are always getting mixed, so no run is identical to another. Below you can find the latest tips, locations and other useful information about the game.

For additional fun, the game features mini-games such as playing as Mega Minion, as plush Unicorn or on Gru’s Rocket. Some of these mini-games have to be unlocked in the Minion Rush Shop. Do this as early as you can as they are a big help if you want to farm more Bananas or Tokens.

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Available Costumes and when to use them

LucyAll power-ups last 20 seconds longer19.99$ or 2,200 Tokens
Soccer2 Free Revives in Eduardo's House12 Blueprints
SpySpy Fever lasts 8 seconds longer25 Blueprints
Knight200% more Bananas in El Macho’s Lair$9,99 or 1,200 Tokens
BabyDespicable Score Multiplier +120,000 Bananas
MomAll power-ups last 5 seconds longer150,000 Bananas
BoxerAll power-ups last 20 seconds longer at Volcano19,99$ or 3,200 Tokens
NinjaDespicable Score Multiplier +69,99$
WorkerIncrease collected Bananas by 30%0.99$

Depending on what mission you have to complete you should choose the costume you are wearing. For example, if you got a mission to collect Bananas it would be highly advisable to pick the Knight or Worker. But keep in mind for the Knight you would have to play at El Macho’s Lair to receive the 200% more bananas.

The Enemies

During each run, you are going to face various obstacles and enemies that you have to avoid. From time to time you also have to face Boss enemies such as Vector or Meena.

To beat Vector, you have to tap on the small bombs and dodge the big enemies which can be very tricky sometimes. The more often you are facing the bosses, the better you will get used to beat them. Experience is everything in the boss fights as it is much simpler if you already know their next step.

Minion Rush Tokens

Tokens are the premium resource of Minion Rush; it can be used to purchase everything you want to have. There are many tips and tricks available on the net that will make it easier for you to farm them. The most comfortable 100 tokens you can get is to sign into the app through Facebook. Furthermore, you can farm them while running through the levels as they will spawn randomly from time to time. Don’t expect them to show up too often during one run as they are scarce.

You can not only spend tokens in the shop, but you can also spend them before starting a run and boost your minion with several power-ups before you even have begun. Another way to spend them is to get a second try after you crashed into an obstacle. This is only advisable if you are about to break your high score or already broke it.

Available Locations

▪ Gru’s Lab
▪ Residential Area
▪ El Macho’s Lair
▪ Minion Beach
▪ The Mall
▪ Downtown
▪ Anti-Villain League
▪ Super Silly Fun Land
▪ The Volcano
▪ Vector’s Fortress
▪ The Arctic Base
▪ Minion Park
▪ Eduardo’s House
▪ Pier 12
▪ The Pyramids
▪ Bratt’s Lair